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Ep. 114 Sea of Thieves on Steam

April 6, 2020

Ahoy Pirates,

This week I dive into the latest weekly update the Forsaken Shores Anniversary. It's something I really hope continues with different events in the future. I go into Sea of Thieves coming to Steam and why I think it's important for the future of the game. I'm looking forward to how much it will be and if a lot of people will pick it up. There's some content about the Bleeding Edge cosmetics that came this last week. I'm not really happy with the distribution of the set especially since the figurehead was MIA. There's a shout out for Pixel Seas: A Maiden Voyage which is a fan-created 2d RPG based on Sea of Thieves. I had the pleasure of voicing one of the characters in it. I will links to it below make sure if you have a PC you give it a look!

Anchor shot - Harpoons =


Mutinous Fist Ship Set

Tweet regarding Figurehead

Sea of Thieves on Steam

Steam Store Link

Pixel Seas Announcement Tweet (The download is in the tweet, it is safe, I've downloaded it)

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