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Ep. 119 SightlessKombat on Sailing the Seas

May 10, 2020

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you had a good weekend, hopefully sailing the seas and getting some wins in Arena! This week I sat down with SightlessKombat an Xbox Ambassador who was recently featured as the XA of the Month! A lot of the conversation was around what life is like playing games without sight. As you would imagine there are a lot of limitations that areas in game development that can be addressed to help improve gaming for many who have limited sight or none at all. If you're curious to try out what it's like spend some time with your crew and have a blindfold on to restrict the temptation. Have your crew lead you around and realize just how much harder it is to get around or fight skellies. This is a much longer episode as I'm sure you've noticed so I would recommend around the one hour mark taking a break and coming back to the podcast. Thanks for all you do and if you'd like to support me look down to the link below, I'm going to have some new merch in the near future when I set up the products in the teespring store. Hopefully, these notes make up for the lack of said notes in the Shoreleave episode.

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This is a fan version of the trailer for the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales". The creation of this video took a month of filming and a week of editing.


In case you were curious what an Audio Description or AD trailer would sound like Halo 3: Mission 1

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