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Ep. 121 Steam Powered Swords and Arena Gun Woes

May 25, 2020

Ahoy there pirates! This week I dive into the videos that were released from Rare regarding the upcoming Quality of Life improvements and bug fixes for Lost Treasures on May 27th. Also we got a trailer announcing the new release date for the Steam release of Sea of Thieves. There's some good info about what you should know if you're thinking about picking it up. I wanted to talk a bit more about my experience with Arena going into the final days of the Competition of Courage and dive into an interesting idea of testing out Sword and Gun as a locked combination. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this so be sure to check out the contact links below to let me know.

Emissary Rewards

Double gun vs Sword/Gun 

Summit Tweet


Arena update

May update coming on the 27th

Steam Release date on June 3rd


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