Keelhauled: A Sea of Thieves Podcast

Ep. 122 Chris Johnston and The Lost Treasures

June 1, 2020

Chris Johnston and The Lost Treasures, A Logun Keller production:

It wasn't long before Chris and his pirate pal Logun had soon realized that they were sitting down for a long conversation about the "Lost Treasures". They had poured over the scrolls that detailed what was told about the Lost Treasures but something was bugging them. They weren't sure if it was the cannon bug from earlier or the random completion of daily quests but they felt like something was different in the Sea of Thieves. Rowboats felt more accessible, chatting with others seemed larger than life, and dying with a pistol in your hand was no longer the only option. What was "lost" about these treasures?

Neither of them could truly answer the question without spending a good amount of time talking it out and trying to decypher these foreign texts that seem to add the letter 'u' to random words. It's fair to say that hopefully by the end of their conversation we hope to understand better what the Lost Treasures are but until that time we find CJ and Logun chiming in after some very well produced and catchy theme music accompanied by a voice that could only be described as the voice of Sea of Thieves.

Meanwhile, outside the tavern a man dressed as a Ruby Splashtail sporting a crown and a smile that could only mean trouble and a loss of Ancient Coin pulled up to the dock and asked the local shipwright where one could go where everyone knows your name. The man looks up and sees a darkened cloud slowly moving in over the island and the crack of thunder echoes across the seas.

Man, "Let's get dangerous."


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