Keelhauled: A Sea of Thieves Podcast

Ep. 140 Xbox Hall of Fame, Pirate Academy and Demons

October 5, 2020

Ahoy Pirates, this week we learned of a new player guide for Sea of Thieves called the Pirate Academy written by Nine-Cat Nura. I dive into the prizes and info regarding the Xbox Hall of Fame, something I'm very new to as a concept. Also, is Sea of Thieves too demonic for your parents? According to Hitbotc, yes! I ended up cutting out a lot of long-winded rants sorry to those that like hearing me get on a soapbox about passionate topics.



Pirate Academy

Nine-Cat Nura

Pirate Academy Article

Kotaku Article

TrueAchievements Xbox Hall of Fame Article

Xbox Hall of Fame

Stand Up To Cancer



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