Keelhauled: A Sea of Thieves Podcast

Ep. 15 Items Being Removed and Private Crews

May 13, 2018

Episode 15 of the Keelhauled podcast
-Prices for items leaving on the 22nd
-Hungering deep time frame
-Poll online suggestions for Hungering Deep
-Podcast Reviews

Developer Update: May 10th 2018

Ahoy Pirates! I hope you had a good last week even without the patch. Today I’m going to cover why that didn’t happen as well as a few other things. Just a heads up I have a couple challenges going on. One is going until the 19th of May and it’s your best Day/Night photographs of The Wilds. The pirate who can tweet me their best day and night photos of the same location in the wilds with the #TheBeautifulWilds wins
a Five (5) Days Xbox Game Passcode.

The second challenge is to help Captain Jay from the Crow’s Nest youtube channel another community member for Sea of Thieves. The challenge is open till the end of 2018 and is simple, find Armament Jay, in the game take a photo and tag myself @capt_logun and @crowsnest_TCN on twitter and you’ll win 4 codes (two from me and two from Captain Jay) for 5 days of Xbox Life. Almost a full month of Xbox Live for free, just for helping Captain Jay find his name in the game.


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