Keelhauled: A Sea of Thieves Podcast

Ep. 30 New Merchant New and Cursed crews

August 29, 2018


 Pirates, not sure how this happened but the original posting for this episode got deleted and had been look into it and I’ve changed my security to prevent anything from happening again. 

AUG 27 ⋅ 27:25

Ahoy pirates! I hope you have a good week, we're heading into Cursed Crews for the next Bilge Rat Adventure. Beware the Reaper's Mark on the map! Cursed cannonballs will be active with an update to the UI to help manage them. We got news from Gamescom regarding Forsaken Shores and I ramble on about Athena for a bit. Not really a good Captain's Log, I'll do better next week, promise. Instead, you get to hear a quick story from the First Mate's Log on the Keelhauled Discord.

Dev Update -
Patch 1.2.3:
New Bilge Rat Adventure Cursed Crews -
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