Keelhauled: A Sea of Thieves Podcast

Ep. 76 Balance Changes? Cosmetics and Pvp Feedback

July 15, 2019

Ahoy Pirates! I hope you have a good week and expect to die a lot with the barrels of fun we're going to have on Wednesday! This episode I cover some more information about the Black Powder Stashes update coming on the 16th as well as discuss my thoughts on Skeleton Lords, Microtransactions and some feedback I got regarding the pvp discussion from last week's episode. Some really good First Mate's Logs in this episode at the end. I'd love to hear some more stories and thoughts about the game as we go into the next series of updates. Thanks again pirates for all that you do and bring to the community and the game. Have an awesome week. Also if you read these notes feel free to message me on twitter with "Hi Logun".

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