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Ep. 99 Top 10 Wishes for Sea of Thieves

December 23, 2019

Ahoy Pirates! This week I just copy-pasted the notes I had but I covered a lot of different things this episode. It's also the second episode I've ever streamed. I've hesitated to do so just because I don't think anyone will find the way I record interesting, being a solo show and all. The next episode is the 100th episode of Keelhauled and I'm excited that it's coming in at the end of the year. Thanks to everyone who's listened and supported the podcast for close to two years.

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Top 10 features wish list 

  1. Discard Messages in a Bottle
  2. Private servers
  3. Dynamically changing ships
  4. Change your pirates
  5. Purchasable Supple Crates
  6. Color dye system for clothing
  7. New enemies types
  8. Clothing load-outs / Companion App
  9. Random Ship Cosmetic Button
  10. Music boxes with customizable shanties

Sea of Thieves Year in Review is out!

Sword Combat Balance with Mike Chapman.


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