Keelhauled: A Sea of Thieves Podcast

Ep. 22 New Weapon Skins, Banjo and Kazooie and No Internet!

July 1, 2018

Ahoy pirates! This week's episode will be shorter than normal due to a lack of time. While moving to a new place I found out the hard way that I won't have internet till July 12th. I'm currently using my phone for internet and don't have a way to play Sea of Thieves or double-check information. I'm also in a very empty room and haven't gotten up stuff that normally deadens the echo. I'm hoping next week will be better and I will have internet access.

For news, I go into more detail about the gunpowder skeletons as well as new about Banjo and Kazooie 20th year celebration and it's representation in Sea of Thieves and of course the patch notes/Sea of Tease for The Sunken Curse.

Links! - Bilge Rat Adventure Gunpowder Skeletons - Developer Update June 28th

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